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Sarah* lives alone. Sometimes the only person she sees is the person who delivers her groceries. Yet on Friday, her world lights up with a Shabbat package from Chabad usually accompanied with a friendly smile from one of Chabad's dedicated volunteers.

Rachel* just lost her husband to cancer.  She calls Chabad in the middle of the night.  She is comforted to know that Chabad is there to guide her through funeral arrangements and arranging a Kosher burial.

The Simmons family* just moved to Lakewood Ranch and are looking for a vibrant Jewish community to give their family a sense of community and Jewish pride.  They are so excited to find out about Chabad's thriving Hebrew School and exciting youth programs.

Dave* never had someone with whom to discuss all his questions about G‑d and Judaism. At Chabad he knows his questions will be taken seriously and answered.

The stories of Sarah and Rachel, the Simmons family and Dave are just some examples of the thousands of ways that Chabad impacts the Jewish community in Manatee county throughout the year.  

You can continue to uplift, comfort, excite, and inspire Sarah, Rachel, the Simmons family, and Dave.  With your end year donation, you can continue to serve their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

Chabad needs to raise $30,000 for its end year campaign. Please give an end year gift to Chabad of Bradenton & Lakewood Ranch as you evaluate your year-end tax deductible contributions for the year 2021 benefits.  Please click here and make a year-end donation.   All donations to Chabad of Bradenton & Lakewood Ranch are fully tax-deductible.

Need to make some RMDs from your retirement account? You can make a contribution directly from your IRA and avoid the income tax.

We thank you for your consideration and we look forward to answering the needs of all the Sarahs, Rachels, Simmons families and Daves in our community for years to come.

Rabbi Mendy & Chanie Bukiet

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