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For Infants & Toddlers


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Dear Parent,
You are invited to join Chabad for its Torah Tots program now based on the Babycinno curricula.
Babyccino is a mom-minded brand that can now be found in over 50 cities nationwide and several different countries. It is a blend of Starbucks and Gymboree with a Jewish twist and I am so excited to bring you this program.
Based on the Babyccino curricula, Torah Tots provides a chic meet for mod moms and their tots and features centers for creative art and expression, Judaic discovery, music and movement, sensory stimulation, dramatic play, parallel play, and social interaction. We venture out into a place where motherhood and childhood happily intersect, creating and offering ways to engage both parents and children at the same time.
Please take a moment to browse through our year curriculum to see the unique programs we have planned for you and your tot. One of the special draws of babycino is that it helps with building and deepening the creative and expressive relationship between mother and baby, and getting mothers out of the house or workplace and into a beautifully fun and Jewish environment.
Looking forward to seeing you and your little one,

Chanie Bukiet
941-752-3030 ext:2
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Aug. 18, 2018
Aug. 18, 2018
Followed by Shabbat Kiddush at 12 PM.