Join our Services!

During the High Holidays, The doors to heaven are open to all… so are ours!

Join us for traditional High Holiday Services blended with contemporary messages and insights in a warm and welcoming environment.

Hebrew – English Prayer Books Provided.
Inspiring services, good humor, enjoyable company.

Whether your background in Jewish prayer and practice is extensive or limited, the services will leave you feeling enriched,connected, uplifted and energized to start your new year off in a most meaningful way.

Delicious Kiddush Buffets after Each Service

A Taste of Rosh Hashanah Buffet: Capture the spirit and tastes of Rosh Hashanah with family and community at this unique and memorable Rosh Hashanah service and buffet after the first Rosh Hashanah evening services.  Foods to include, sushi, salads, apples and honey, pomegranates, cakes, and more.
Kiddush Luncheons: Enjoy hearty Kiddush luncheons with wraps, salads, cakes, and more after each Rosh Hashanah Service.
Break the Fast Buffet: Bagels, lox, orange juice, cream cheese, cakes and more at this lavish Break The Fast spread. 

Youth ClubCKids Club
 We offer a full CKids program of well supervised activities for children ages: 3-12 years. Children get to experience the joy of holidays in their own special way-in their own designated room, close to their parents.

Program highlights include: 
Songs | Stories | Drama Skits | Discussion Groups | Refreshments | Moon Bounce | Games and Prizes

Kids love this program and learn a lot in the process, ensuring that Chabad High Holidays will be a meaningful and enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Please make reservations -  click here to RSVP  | Services with Chabad are open to the public.

Services to take place at The Grove, Lakewood Ranch Main Street, 10670 Boardwalk Loop Lane